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Now that winter has hit your home
Just a reminder that homes are sealed tight , with the cold and snow finaly here .
If you have a ventless type fireplace , please remember to crack a window.
It is important when running a ventless to have some air circulate to prevent build up of carbon monoxide.                webassets/DSCN3918.JPG
Yes I know the manufacturers say it is safe but please be cautious.
Over a period of time it may not be , as there is not much make up air.
This is one of reasons you are warned every year not to use your oven and stove for heat.
Also please make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector.
This gas is odorless and invisable.
You could fall asleep and never wake up.
I do not wish to dampen any good times .
Rather I ask caution to keep you and your family safe.
Protection of People and Property
7:29 pm est 

Appraiser (versus) Home Inspector

Some people may feel that they do not need a Home Inspection, since the Bank or Loan company already has sent an appraiser..

This could not be further from the truth:

First of all there is a  big difference between the two,  and I will try and explain here , what the difference is.

An appraiser is working for the bank or lending institution.

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to appraising is that it's an estimate of present and future value.  The key word is estimate, no one can predict the value of a home in the future.  100% accurately, especially in a free market.

Appraisals only go into a short term future prediction for good reason, being that they are often influenced by economic inflation, higher low interest rates deterioration of property developments in the area etc..

Appraisal is more of an art than a science.

Even though the lender pays the appraiser you as an applicant usually pay for it in the application fee.  So therefore, you have every right to an unbiased appraisal.

Unfortunately, as in the news nine out of 10 appraisers have reported they are under great pressure to overestimate the value of a home.

The pressure often comes with the banks are lending institutions who wish a larger appraisal value for the property and have a preferred list of vendors or appraisers.

Now to the home inspectors.

I as a licensed certified home inspector work correctly for my client.  You.

I am not concerned with what you are paying for the home or what the seller has it listed for, as I am concerned with protection of people and property.  Not to mention your finances.  The last one needs some explanation.

If I think the roof is leaking.  This is a bad sign for the property.  This could be a bad sign for the health of the people inside as this causes mold and last but not least someone is going to have to pay for it.

If I as a home inspector discover defects in the roof or a problem which could lead to leakage and water intrusion in the home, which will cause damage.  This is what I mean by your finances.

You have every right to insist after signing a purchase contract,  If these defects were not disclosed to have the present seller repair them.

I hope this helps explain the difference between appraisal and home inspection.

An appraiser is looking at the overall value of a home from a purely financial aspect.  And in a general way.

A home inspector is looking for protection of people and property, and in my case.  I consider myself owner operated consumer protection for purchasers of real estate..

2:41 pm est 

Home Inspection (more important than ever)
four million homes
According to the Chicago Tribune there are 4 million homes sitting on the market waiting to be sold with even more being put on every day , due to foreclosure.
What this means is that when I find defects and report on them , you have every reason in the world to have the owner take care of them.
Seller's in todays market are not in much of a position to tell you to take a walk if you don't like it.
Illinois has disclosure laws , but how do you prove they knew about any defects discovered at the property.
In most cases you can't , but once I go through a place they know about them and need to do something about it.
You have every right to an inspection and if someone tells you it is not needed they are hiding something.                                                                                                 
6:58 pm est 

Kitchen defects
kitchen Finds
Inspection defects on rehab and new construction
Since we are still in the kitchen another defect I see all the time is the cabinet guys coming in to cut the baseboard that runs along the bottom of the cabinets and then neglecting to stain the cut end which leaves a bright spot sticking out at you that does not go with the cabinet colors.

So far the items mentioned are defects seen more than 75% of the time and another one to add to the list would be the lack of caulking between the counter and the walls.Not only would a bead of silicon help steady the counter of vibration but behind the faucet the water will splash and run down the wall getting trapped between the wall and the counter.

Less often will I see a lack of GFCI protection which is required in the kitchen other than a few exceptions such as where the fridge plugs in.
This outlet does not require GFCI since the power surge from the compressor would have a good chance of tripping the receptacle thus leaving you with no power to the appliance.Yikes!.

Another item I check with regularity is the kitchen vent.Believe it or not there are often situations where the vent goes nowhere and is basically doing nothing.A piece of paper will confirm that one rather quickly.                                                                                                                        
6:34 pm est 

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