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Is it pressure or flow?

Most likely the problem is going to be flow rather than pressure.To begin with you need to understand the difference between water flow and pressure.

Most people not getting enough water out of fixtures and faucets assume it is water pressure when in reality it is the flow.

Well systems use pumps which create pressure , however in a city such as Chicago the pressure is regulated normaly to about 40 lbs.

Here is a quick and easy way to determine if the problem is flow.

First begin by making sure that any aerators are removed or cleaned and any water filters are not clogged. (check again)

Ok still seems slow , now determine if the problem is flow.

Flow is the volume or amount of water coming out while pressure is the amount of force. Turn on the kitchen sink , then turn on both the Bathroom sink, and the shower.

(Please if you are not sure about how the kitchen sink will handle the water and not overflow have someone watch it for you)

Anyway now if you flush the toilet and notice a signifigant drop in the amount of water coming out of the shower it is safe to assume the problem is in flow.

A way to check actual pressure is to buy a water pressure gauge at the store.

Here is what they look like


They can be screwed right on to a water bib or adapted to say the size of a sink faucet as in the kitchen

by screwing it in place of the aerator.

Most supply lines coming in are 3/4 inch and should have no problem feeding two 1/2 inch branch lines with out a drop in flow.

Remember flow is volume.

If you have galvized pipes which is common in older homes the most likely culprit is rust and corrosion blocking the pipes like a clogged artery.

Sometimes a gentle tap can knock the rust loose but often these should be replaced with copper.

Another thing you can check for is to see if there is a broken pipe.

You can do this by turning off all the water in the house and watching the dials on the water meter to see if they still have movement.The one one the far right will move the fastest.
If you are still having a problem after you learn what is causing it please be sure to call a licensed plumber.



1:38 pm est 

Understanding my home inspection report

Circuit Interrupters

*Now that we know a little about what GFCI means we can discuss another form of circuit interrupter.

A rc F ault C ircuit I nterrupter


Think back to when you have hit a switch to turn it off or on and maybe saw a spark.

This is known as an arc.

Sometimes these arcs can occur unintentionally.

If an arc occurs at a spot where a wire or connection is inside the wall it produces a spark which could lead to something catching fire and endangering human life.

Unlike a GFCI or Ground -Fault -Circuit- Interrupter the AFCI is not intended to protect you from shock but rather to protect your property from catching fire.

Some Electricians as with any new devise might say they are not reliable , however this is being heard less and less as they learn how to install them properly.

Most early problems have been tracked to improper installation.

The AFCI devise is designed to know the difference between a switch arc and a potential fire hazard type of arc (spark)

 When inspecting new construction I am looking for AFCI protection to be provided to all bedroom areas of the dwelling
Unlike with GFCI receptacles AFCI protection is provided at the electrical panel with a special type of breaker which has a test button right on it.
When performing a Home Inspection I will be checking the panel to see if the AFCI breaker is wired correctly and tripping the circuit to test for proper function.
After you move into a residence with either one of these circuit interrupters it is recommended you test them once a month in order to be certain you are protected.

5:50 pm est 

Understanding my Home Inspection Report

Circuit Interrupters

GFCI is that familiar devise we all see in kitchens and bathrooms with the little test buttons.

G round F ault C ircuit I nterupter is installed to prevent electrical shock.

The receptacle is specially built to detect changes in currant such as when passing through a human body.


If you are looking at an older home or condo and I am doing the electrical inspection, I will be checking to make sure you are protected by these devises weather or not it was required at the time the residence was built.

Safety has no limitations

If not , don't sweat to hard as not all outlets near water require the GFCI receptacles, just the first one in the series as it can protect the other outlets.

If the back of a GFCI receptacle was visible you would be able to see there are four lugs where wiring can be attached.

If the receptacle is a stand alone not connected in series then would find the hot or black wire connected to the brass lug as with any normal receptacle.

The neutral or white wire will be connected to the silver looking screw .


The amp rating of the GFCI receptacle should be ok with that of the conductors and the breaker it is connected to.

NEC or the National electrical council is adapted by most states and municipalities though ,Chicago Home inspectors inspect in a town where conduit is king ,the NEC is non the less the guide line myself and others will follow when inspecting anywhere in the state of Illinois as part of our Standards of practice

This is part one as part two will discuss AFCI

This is part one as part two will discuss AFCI
7:25 pm est 

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